Security Services

Parking management can be a difficult job, especially if you’re dealing with a large lot. You may have cars coming and going all the time, so you’ll need to direct them to where they can park and perhaps charge them fees for parking. You may have people trying to break into the cars in the lot, vandalizing the cars or the lot itself, or causing other crimes (such as assault). Having a security guard can allow you to worry about the parking issues while a dedicated person handles all matters related to the safety of the people parking in your lot and the security of their vehicles. The security guard can also remove any and all hazards that may be present, such as nails, poles and chains,

uncovered holes, and flammable objects. If someone gets hurt or their vehicle sustains damage, you don’t want to end up liable for it.

We provides a wide range of security guard services for both businesses and consumers. No matter what you need security for, we will be the first one there! Our professional, courteous, and experienced staff will make sure that all your security needs are attended to and taken care of. Security is important to you and to us here. We understand the importance of security as it applies to both commercial companies and private citizens.
our dedication to your needs is at the forefront of our operation! There’s no such thing as a security decision that’s too small or insignificant to be attended to.
We are ready to get your order filled and have security personnel en route at a moment’s notice. No other company can offer you the peace of mind that we can.

We been serving with our Valet Parking & Security package to special events, film makings, concerts, private partys, public events, etc.

Our goal will be to provide our clients the highest level of consistent quality service. We are aware that the ability to accomplish this goal depends on the ability to supervise effectively. Our process of close supervision enables Cronos Valet Parking to maintain a constant line of communication with its officers in the field and with your management to assure the best level of service provided.